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But first, let me introduce myself.

“My name is Andy R., and I’m the founder of LSIGraph.”

You may have seen our tool being featured by many world-class SEO marketers like Neil Patel, Backlinko, and Search Engine Journal... and perhaps even used our API that powers top WordPress SEO plugins like SEOPressor.

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It Can Be The Winning Strategy
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In fact, having a semantic keyword strategy has become so critical for page 1 rankings that top SEO and content marketing expert Neil Patel says:

“LSI keywords, otherwise known as latent semantic indexing keywords, are necessary for SEO in 2018.”

What this means is...

If you want to uncover the most searched, most profitable, and most overlooked keywords that will allow you to grow your online business and RANK for them at the top of Google and Bing...

Then it's no longer optional -- You need to arm your website with a Semantic Keyword Strategy today, so you can start outranking your competition because Semantic SEO is where the whole industry is heading.

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Why Do We Need A Semantic Keyword Strategy?

The simplest answer to this? That’s what search engines want.

Hummingbird, RankBrain, and the introduction of voice searches like Google Assistant are a clear indication of Google wanting to push semantic SEO forward.

Voice & contextual search marks the start of semantic age.

Why such a move? Two reasons.

Search engines want to leverage on the rising usage of mobile searches, and they see contextual search to be more helpful in answering search intent.

And I know you are already well aware of this, after all, you are here on LSIGraph to generate LSI keywords for your content use. So the real question is, how can you ride this trend and actually make an impact on your search ranking?

How Do I Let Search Engines Know I Am Providing The Best Answer?

You should first know your answers to these questions: Which groups of semantic keywords you should choose? How many semantic keywords will you need? Is semantic keyword the same as long-tail keyword?

If you don’t know the answers to those...

Then you don't know the correct way of doing semantic keyword research... how to use the keywords you've discovered to plan a proven step-by-step strategy... and how to then execute your gameplan like how a marketing professional would do…

Then you're guaranteed to get left behind by your savvier competitors that DO possess these secrets.

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  • The quickest, safest, most effective way to rank your website in 2020. (We see this becoming even stronger for years to come.)
  • How to target keywords for different online campaigns, including SEO, PPC and Social Media.
  • Why you should NEVER hire an SEO company (or even do SEO yourself) until you know how to create a "semantic keyword strategy" as I walk you through in this complete guide.
  • How to OPTIMIZE your content for massive traffic, sales and profits... so you don't waste time, money and energy creating them without getting results.
  • Step-by-step guides to uncovering all the main keywords & LSI keywords needed for YOUR website/business to be successful.
  • Types of keywords to target for maximum results at minimum costs.
  • Free and paid tools that allow you to spy on your competitors... and leap over them in the SERPS!
  • 3 keyword metrics that indicate the "health" of your SEO campaign.
  • A complete guide to keyword planning, including the first and most important thing to do when coming up with your keyword list.

But that's just the tip of the iceberg...

Because I want you to be the leader in your market, I've also decided to include a beginner to advanced SEO lessons into 5 different books to gear you up for massive search ranking success!

Lessons such as:

Book 1: Improving Page Ranking By Unleashing The Power Of LSI Keyword

  • 4 secret LSI signals Google & Bing are actively looking for. (pg. 7)
  • Learn the building blocks of LSI keywords. (pg. 4)
  • My 5 favorite ways to discover the best LSI keywords for a website, and how to correctly implement them. (pg. 17)
  • 3 brilliant use-cases of website ranking using LSI keywords. (pg. 14)
  • The RIGHT WAY to use LSI keywords in your content. - If you do this wrong, your Google rankings will go nowhere, or even plunge. (pg. 23)
Worth: $57

Book 2: Keyword Planning & Outsmarting Search Engines To Empower User

  • Should you target your brand name if you have a medium-sized or small business? We give you the final answer. (pg. 7)
  • Keyword Planning for Social Media - Tips, tricks and highly effective strategies. (pg. 17)
  • Best ways to track, monitor and optimize your keyword results. (pg. 20)
  • 5 best tools for "reading" your potential customers mindset. This tells you if they are just browsing, or ready to buy! (pg. 32)
Worth: $87

Book 3: The Ultimate Keyword Combo Blueprint To Capture Massive Traffic

  • Keyword research strategies that many SEO professionals don't even know about, such as keywords stoppers, grammatical issues, and keyword synonyms. (pg. 15)
  • Specific terms to avoid because it's almost impossible to rank for them in Google or other search engines. (pg. 4)
  • Singular VS Plural keywords - Find out which you should target for your website. (pg. 14)
  • Designing multi-level keyword structure. (pg. 18)
Worth: $87

Book 4: Kickstarting Your Successful Keyword Research Journey To Attract Targeted Traffic

  • How can small businesses compete against big corporations buying their way to the top of the search rankings? (pg. 8)
  • Single keywords VS long tail keywords: Which should you target for your business? The answer may surprise you! (pg. 21)
  • 6 of the best FREE keyword research tools (that we personally use for ourselves) for generating quality traffic to your website. (pg. 26)
  • What is Venice, and how to take advantage of this Google update to generate more traffic for your business and websites. (pg. 23)
Worth: $57

Book 5: Mapping Towards Qualified Traffic To Conversion Success

  • Inbound and outbound linking techniques for higher Google rankings. (pg. 25)
  • The secret of keyword mapping that allows you to plan a winning semantic SEO strategy for your business. (This is especially useful when managing a website with multiple, hundreds, even thousands of pages.) (pg. 9)
  • How to create the perfect anchor text every time. (pg. 29)
  • Build an intuitive funnel that converts your visitors 10x easier. (pg. 16)
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