What is Keyword Mapping & Content Silo

Keyword mapping is foundational to any SEO strategy. The architecture of your site affects how Google’s bots crawl your site and evaluate it.

Keywords are mapped to specific pages of your website based on keyword research, and this map informs the structure of your site. Keyword mapping also enables you to identify pages in your site for further SEO optimization so you can capitalize on different points of entry.

Content silo is a popular site architecture where pages are grouped into ‘silos’ of topics to create neatly organized sections of related content. This makes it easy for Google’s bots to find your pages and the contextually relevant internal links boost your site’s ranking.

LSIGraph Planner is designed to streamline your keyword mapping and content silo planning process so you no longer have to map it all out on spreadsheets.

Start Mapping Your Keywords

Start by creating a project in LSIGraph’s Planner. Projects allow you to organize your different SEO efforts into individual documents.

Give your project a name, add an optional description and image, and click on Create Project to initiate your project.

Tip! The shortcut to switch to Planner/Keyword Mapper is ⌘ or Ctrl + P.

Existing projects will be shown under 'Your Projects'. The project card displays the metrics of the project:

  • Number of keywords
  • Total volume (of all the keywords' searches)
  • Average KD (keyword difficulty)
  • Average CPC (cost-per-click)
  • Average competitiveness of the keywords
Tip! You can also create projects during your keyword research. Select the keyword(s) you are interested in, click on the folder icon, and select “Create New Project”.
Tip! The icon on the bottom right corner brings you straight to Keyword Mapper for that project.

Keyword Listing

Keyword Listing is where you’ll find all the keywords you saved into the project from Keyword Research. If no keyword has been added to the project, you will see an empty slate.

Once you have populated your Planner with keywords, or you load from an existing project, your Keyword Listing page will look like this:

The metrics in the Keyword Listing table are the same as the ones in Keyword Research. Note that the Opportunity Score for individual keywords will be different for different projects.

The Delete Keyword(s) button on the top right will remove any keywords you no longer want in the project.

Keyword Mapper


Keyword Mapper is where you would map your keywords in node form to plan your project or content silo. Once you have populated your Planner, switch to the Keyword Mapper tab and you’ll see this:

Mapping Board

The mapping board serves as a place for you to visually map your keywords and website structure as nodes.

When you drag and drop a keyword into the board, it will become a node and the four tiny circles around the node are points used to connect the node to other nodes.

You can label the connections and also change the direction of the connector arrow from the toolbar.

The toolbar at the bottom of the mapping board:

Undo and redo
Add a note node
Change the connector arrow style and direction
Toggles the nodes' selectability
Toggles the visibility of the node metrics
Toggles the mapping board's grid
Downloads the mapping board as a png image
Clears the board or delete selected nodes

Data Overview

The bar on top of the board shows you the Data Overview of the keywords on the board so you can keep track of the overall metrics of your keyword map and content silo.

Total Kws. The total number of keywords on the board.
Total Vol. The total search volume of all the keywords that are on the board.
Average KD. The average keyword difficulty (KD) that is based on the keywords.
Average CPC The average cost-per-click (CPC) of all the keywords that are on the board.
Average Comp. The average competition score of the keywords that are on the board.
Intent Distribution The distribution of search intent for the keywords on the board.
Tip! You can quickly toggle between projects in the Planner with the dropdown menu on the top left corner of the page.


In the Keyword Listing module, you can export the results to a CSV or PDF file. Exporting your results as PDF would create a white-label report which you can customize with your logo.

In the Keyword Mapper module, you can download your board as a png image by clicking on the export button in the toolbar.

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