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Keyword Research

Take your keyword research to the next level

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SERP Analyzer

Discover the secrets of the top-ranking pages

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Content Writer

Craft high-ranking content with our advanced SEO writer

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Easily manage and map your keywords and content silo

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Bulk Keyword Research

Save precious time, research all your keywords in a single go

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Full features in LSIGraph

Multi location and language

Huge database that includes keywords and SERP information from over 90+ countries and 35+ languages.

Keyword Data

Analytics and insights into practical metrics such as keyword difficulty, search volume, and more.

Opportunity Score

LSIGraph's marquee keyword metric on identifying the best keywords for ranking at the top 10 of SERP.

SERP Analyzer

Detailed breakdown of the top pages on search results for you to compare and benchmark against.

Content Brief

Get an inkling of how the top search results structure their content outline when targetting a keyword.

Keyword and Page Intent

Understand what search users are really trying to look for when searching for a keyword or page.

Topic Cluster Keywords

Source for content ideas to write on based on the target keyword you're researching on.

Save keywords to Planner

Add your favorite keywords into your projects so you don't ever need to remember all the data manually.

Search History

Have a record of your previous searches saved so you can easily re-visit and obtain keyword data again.

Filtering and Sorting

Advanced function to trim the results down to the exact ones that you really need to rank your website at #1 rank position.


Extract your keyword results or document out in specifed formats. Available in all 4 of LSIGraph's modules.

Keyword Mapper

Create your content silo and visualize your website structure so that search engine algorithms pick up the signals.

Content Analysis

Recognize how well your content will perform on search engines, and make changes if the score is not up to par.

Intent Analysis

Identify the user intent your content exhibits based on the structure, writing style, and information within the piece.

Autosave Text Editor

No more losing your latest piece of work if you accidentally close the tab! You can now write with an ease of mind.

Grammerly Integration

Everyone's favorite number 1 typing assistant can now be used with LSIGraph's Content Writer.

Popular Questions

Read both questions and answers related to a keyword. If you find them useful, add them into your own content.

Frequently Linked

What sites are the top-ranked pages linking to? Spot them and pull parts of their content into yours and make it better.

Target Multiple Keywords

Get your content to rank for up to three keywords. Ensure your content is perfectly optimized for all three keywords!

Import URL to Editor

Revise your existing or published content by pulling the content into Content Writer. Make the changes and export it out after.

Default Search Settings

Set your default search parameters from the get-go so you won't ever waste your precious few seconds before each search.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Use LSIGraph's added keyboard hotkeys and navigate within the tool seamlessly and efficiently.

In-App Weekly Summary

A quick overview of keyword searches and created documents you have performed within the past seven days.

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"LSIGRaph's improvements CONTINUES to grow my blog"

Longtime customer of LSIGraph. Every upgrades they've done to their tool, it makes my work easier. I save time on writing my content while getting increased web traffic to my blog.

Sam L.


“No more headaches”

I've always been frustrated on planning my content-I never know where to start, or what I should write about. The Planner really helps me visualize how my content silos should look like!

Melanie P.


“A MUST-NEED tool for agencies”

It's hard to manage a team of writers and what they're currently working on. Add that with the different clients we have to serve, it's a hassle. LSIGraph really makes our work easier with all the different tools.

Adam M.

Creative Agency

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