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What is LSI Keyword?

What is LSI Keyword?

LSI Keyword is keyword that is semantically linked to a main keyword. In a nutshell, LSI keywords are keywords that we generally find related to a main keyword. For example, 'Apple' is a LSI keyword for 'iPhone'.

In SEO (search engine optimization) context, they are keywords that we should be using in our content to help search engines understand our content better. For instance, by including both keywords 'Apple' and 'iPhone' in your content, search engine can easily understand that you are talking about the technology product, not the fruit apple.

LSI keywords strengthen the semantic idea of a content.

Google has also confirmed that by using more relevant keywords in your content, your page typically ranks better than those that doesn't. But of course, we are not talking about keyword spamming here, but rather a set data-proven guidelines to maximize the power of LSI keywords. If you are planning to use LSI keywords in your content marketing or keyword research, find out below how the team behind LSIGraph leverage on the power of LSI keywords.

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