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How do i use these keywords?

What are LSI Keywords?

LSI Keywords are essentially keywords related to the keyword that you search for on search engines such as Google. In a nutshell, they are keywords that are semantically linked to your main keyword. In practical terms, Google has confirmed that by using more LSI keywords, your page will typically rank better. But just how we are suppose to leverage on these keywords? Should we just insert as much LSI keywords as we can into our articles? Or is there a golden formula for the usage of LSI Keywords?

The short answer is: yes, there are indeed formulas for you to better leverage the power of LSI keywords.

Our home grown LSI Keywords formula is used by major SEO luminaries in the industry such as SEOPressor and RankReveal. Today, we are giving away our formula, and you can download our LSI Keywords formula below:

Leveraging LSI Keywords To Grow Your Traffic And Ranking

“LSIGraph’s LSI Keywords formula gave us some awesome insights into how Google rates the relevancy of different keywords. We would have never figured these out on our own without LSIGraph!” - Ben Fisher

  • • 10 places to maximize LSI Keywords
  • • 8 building blocks of LSI Keywords
  • • 6 different types of keywords relevancy
  • • 4 LSI signals Google & Bing are looking for
  • • 3 “golden rules” to LSI Keywords Density
  • • 2 brilliant use-cases of LSI Keywords
  • • Formulas that powered SEOPressor LSI Feature

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