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“It feels like I have my very own SEO consultant by my side helping me with my content writing” –Mia
contextual terms

contextual terms

Write contextually relevant content

Instantly discover and use words that top-ranking pages are using to stay ahead of the competition. Forget about guessing games – know exactly how many times you need to use a word to reach that sweet spot and create a fully-optimized and contextually-sound content.

example of use

example of use

Draw inspiration from the best and do better

Being suggested multitudes of contextual terms can be too much of a good thing if you don’t know what to do with them. Take a look at how the high-rankers are using specific words and emulate them to your own content.

Content Scoring

Content Scoring

See your content’s SEO score as you write it

Content Score updates in real-time, as you write, to reflect how SEO-optimized your content is. If you are stumped on how to further optimize your content, Semantic Writer will suggest improvements you can make.



Immediately improve your SEO with expert suggestions

Find out immediately how you can improve your content’s SEO with Semantic Writer’s Dynamic Suggestions. We analyze the top 10 results and lay out how you can not just match, but surpass them.

SERP Analyzer

SERP Analyzer

Discover the secrets of top-ranking pages

Take a peek behind the curtains of top-ranking pages. Take a leaf from how they structure their content and replicate the same success.

Popular questions

Popular QuestionS

Increase your relevancy by answering your audience’s questions

Discover the pressing questions people are asking Google about. Answer these questions in your content to maximize your relevancy.

Frequently Linked

frequently linked

Include all the top links in your content

Find out where top pages frequently link to. Boost your content’s authority by linking to those same pages.

“Instead of having to go through a whole checklist of SEO stuff every time I write...

Now I just let Semantic Writer’s Content Score and Suggestions do it for me!”

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