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Maximize your traffic potential with STRATEGIC keyword mapping

Visualize your website and content silo, not “spreadsheetify”
Share visually accurate website structure with stakeholders
Know exactly what keyword your pages are targeting in a glance
Design and gauge your content silo traffic potential in real-time
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“I was able to plan and interlink my blog posts much better. My visitors’ pages per visit improved significantly.”
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Carol Chester, Marketing Specialist

Structure and map out your keywords into content silos with Keyword Planner

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Save valuable time organizing your favorite keywords in a smarter way

Say goodbye to spreadsheeting your favorite keywords.

You can now save and organize all your favorite keywords in LSIGraph Planner. You can even export them as CSV or PDF reports, add them across projects, or map them in the Keyword Mapper!

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Content silo made easy with Keyword Mapper

Keyword Mapper gives you an easy and fun way to design and strategize your site’s structure.

Build your content silo more intuitively by visualizing it as a relationship tree. You’ll never want to go back to spreadsheets after this.

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Map, connect, and label your important keywords

Enjoy the flexibility to map your favorite keywords just how you like them.

You can place your keywords anywhere, you can connect them anyhow, you can annotate your keywords, and you can even label the connections. Nifty!

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Easily gauge your content silo potential

Take the guesswork out of your content silo planning.

From potential traffic to search intent distribution to five other crucial keyword data. Data Overview lets you gauge the traffic potential of your content silo in one easy glance.

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Kickstart the writing with integrated Semantic Writer

We don’t settle with just planning your website structure or content silo.

LSIGraph Keyword Mapper is natively integrated with the Semantic Writer. Just click “Start Writing”, and you will be on your way to kickstart your content silo, keyword by keyword, content by content.

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Start planning your keywords and content now!

We are confident that you would love LSIGraph, which is why we are offering a 30-day money back guarantee.

If LSIGraph is not what you expected it to be, just let us know within 30 days and we would give you a full refund.

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Absolutely loved the new additions. The content planner feature lets me plan my keywords and organize my website.

Time spent on site for my visitors is up by more than 2 minutes.

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Rob Hutton

SEO Specialist