Exciting New Features in LSIGraph

LSIGraph just got even better! Here is a quick teaser of some of the new features that we will be adding to our tool in the coming update

Keyword Research

Discover profitable keywords that maximize your conversions and revenue with long-tailed keywords

Discover long-tailed keywords quickly and easily, just by clicking on the long-tailed keywords button at the top of your keyword research dashboard.

You would no longer have to manually scroll through your results to locate long-tailed keywords for your content.

Keyword Research

Find low-hanging fruit keywords with Opportunity Score and Keyword Difficulty

Spot keyword opportunities that you can easily rank for with LSIGraph’s new proprietary metric that estimates how hard is it to rank in the top 10 of the organic search results.

Keyword Research

Match intent behind user search queries with Keyword intent analysis

Match intent behind user search queries to target the accurate traffic and bring quality traffic to your site that brings the most conversion and revenue.

LSIGraph will now display the keyword intent for your target keyword, the intent of each keyword result, and also the overall intent distribution of your keyword results.

This helps you choose keywords with the intent that accurately represent your target audience.

Keyword Research

Analyze the competition’s content and structure with the SERP analyzer

Look through the content of top-ranking results for your target keyword to tune and improve your content to the standard of top-ranking pages.

LSIGraph now provides you data on the competition such as the word count, page speed, keyword density, number of headings and images, the page intent, and the readability level of your competitors.

Just enter your seed keyword and LSIGraph will display an analysis of the top-ranking pages for your particular seed keyword, location, and language right within your keyword research dashboard.

Keyword Research

Identify topics with the highest traffic potential with keyword topic clustering

Have your keyword research results automatically grouped into topics within their niche.

You can now discover topics related to your target keyword and easily identify topics with keyword groups that have the highest potential to bring traffic to your site.

Just enter your seed keyword and your keyword results will be automatically sorted into different topics.

Each topic will display data such as the general intent for the topic, total traffic volume, and the overall keyword difficulty for that particular topic.

Keyword Research

Discover content gaps from top-ranking content with the SERP Analyzer

Identify topics that you may be lacking but your competitors are ranking for.

Just click on the specific top-ranking page within the SERP analyzer to look into their content outline and identify sub-topics that you might have missed out on.

“I use LSIGraph for my keyword research but most importantly to look at how my competitors are structuring their content.

Within months of optimization, I was able to Rank #1 on the SERP.”

Amanda Vucevic
Nutritional Blogger
Content Writer

Save time by targeting up to 3 keywords with the Content Writer

Cut down content writing time by up to 3 times by targetting multiple keywords in a single sitting with the Content Writer.

You can now enter up to 3 target keywords into the Content Writer to have your content score and suggestions tailored to your target keywords.

Content Writer

Get real-time analysis and suggestions for your content with Content Score

Understand how SEO-ready your content is by having your content scored right within the Content Writer dashboard.

You can now optimize your content with suggestions such as including more contextual keywords in a paragraph, overuse of a keyword, including keywords in your headers, or providing suggestions as to the strength of the content in terms of length, section and page linking.

All you need to do is enter your target keyword and the Content Writer will score and provide suggestions for your content as you write.

Content Writer

Improve your writing efficiency with seamless integration between features

Improve the efficiency of content production by having your chosen keywords and topics easily shared between features.

Chosen keywords are automatically listed in the Keyword Planner for each project, allowing you to seamlessly map them out into content silos.

Once you have mapped them out in content silos, the integration between the Planner and the Writer allows you to start writing immediately just by clicking on your silos and keep track of your writing progress with writing status that is attached to each of your content silos.


Gauge the potential of every keyword, topic, and silo through keyword metrics with the Keyword Planner

Know the potential of keywords. Each keyword would now be accompanied by keyword metrics such as Keyword Difficulty and Opportunity Score to asist you in mapping out your topic or content silo.

You can also gauge the potential of your each content silos with data overview such as the total volume, average keyword difficult etc with the data overview display.

Knowing the keyword difficulty and total volume of each keyword can help you decide on whether to target a particular topic or focus on other topics/content where you have a higher chance to rank.


Improve your content and targeting larger audiences through keyword intent metrics with the Keyword Planner

Better plan your content silos with the keyword intent metrics.

You can now plan your improve your content with keyword intent that is displayed for each individual keyword. A data overview will also display the intent distribution of keywords for any selected content silo.

Create sub-topics or topic clusters that covers intent that has not been previously covered by your content silos.

This will help you to have a more extensive topic structure that covers all intent and as a result target broader audiences.


Visualize your website structure better through content linking with the Keyword Planner

You can now link your content and keywords into content silos and interlink content silos with each other.

Draw out the the relationships between keywords and content silos with the Planner and add labels with descriptions or links for keywords to have a better visualization of your topic silos.

Having a well-planned website structure would help search engines understand your website better and in turn crawl, index, and rank your website better.


Easily identify areas within your content structure that requires more support or optimization

Have your keywords and content silos fully mapped out with the Keyword Planner.

Fully mapping out your keywords and content silos would allow you to have an overview of the potential traffic, difficulty, and intent of each content silo.

With this knowledge, you can identify topics that require more optimization and add keywords to improve the structure of your content silo.