Drive unstoppable traffic with perfectly OPTIMIZED content

Tap into the secrets behind top-ranking pages
Benchmark your content against the Top 10 pages
Optimize your content to rank for not one, not two, but three keywords
Data-driven scoring system to guide your content optimization
“The best tool to structure and optimize your content to bring in traffic that actually converts.” –Hassan

Write and optimize high-quality content to target the right audience with Content Writer


Receive real-time optimization guidance

LSIGraph analyzes and scores your content in real-time. We tell you your content SEO score and guide you exactly on what you should improve.

It’s like writing with your very own SEO expert looking over your shoulder.


Get suggestions on hyper-related keywords

Using related keywords in your content helps to rank; that's undeniable.

But LSIGraph gives you something even more. We give you semantic & contextual keywords that search engines themselves deemed to be hyper-related with your target keywords.

Now, that is powerful.


Benchmark and model your content after the top-ranking pages

Gain insights into the gap between you and the top-ranking pages. Learn precisely how many headings you should use, what readability grade you should target, and many more.

Moving up the SERP is now a simple three steps: benchmark, optimize, and outrank.


Close the content gap with Content Brief

LSIGraph Content Brief shows you how all the top-ranking pages structure their content outline. Study and learn what the readers and search engines are looking for, fill the content gap, and see yourself moving up the SERPs.


Identify high potential topics with automatic Topic Clustering

At a loss on which topic you should address in your content?

Topic Clustering automatically groups similar keywords into respective topic clusters and tells you their potential traffic, general intent, and even ranking difficulties.

Choosing the best topic is now as simple as picking one from our Topic Clustering list.


Target and rank for multiple keywords with a single piece of content

Sometimes, one is better than three.

Target and optimize for up to three closely related keywords in a single document.

Why bother creating three documents when one will suffice?


Answer your readers' burning questions

Every day, approximately 450,000,000 questions were asked on Google.

Tap into these traffics with LSIGraph’s Popular Questions.

Discover the most popular questions surrounding your target keyword, pick and answer some in your content, and drive more traffic to your website.


Get associated with authoritative pages

Who you link to matters in SEO.

LSIGraph Frequently Linked tells you the most frequently-linked pages the Top 10 are linking to.

Link to the same pages to signal Google that you are an expert in your niche.

More Solutions

Keyword Research

Skyrocket your website’s ranking with right keyword opportunities

Keyword Mapping & Content Silo

Mazimize your traffic potential with strategic keyword mapping

Agency Solutions

Streamline your SEO agency workflow with LSIGraph agency solutions

Start your keyword research journey today!

We are confident that you would love LSIGraph, which is why we are offering a 30-day money back guarantee.

If LSIGraph is not what you expected it to be, just let us know within 30 days and we would give you a full refund.

New LSIGraph user, but I absolutely love that I am able to analyze some of my older articles. A great feature to retarget some of my lower performing content.

Claire Wong

eCommerce Marketer