Bulk Keyword Research

Save precious time, research all your keywords in a single go.

Maximize Your Productivity With Bulk Keyword Data

“I used to dread it when clients give me a long list of keywords...now I just plug them into LSIGraph!” –Amy


Research up to 500 keywords at once

Turbocharge your keyword research by researching up to 500 keywords in a single go. Just plug them into Bulk Keyword Data to see core data for each keyword.


Skip the manual work of adding keywords

Fill in your keywords by dropping in a CSV file instead of manually inputting each keyword. Your keywords will be imported automatically, ready to be searched.


Save your favorite keywords

Add your favorite keywords to LSIGraph’s Planner with ease. Bulk Keyword Data seamlessly integrates with Planner to give you the smoothest SEO planning and content writing workflow.

More Features

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