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To all SEO marketers and business owner...

No More Wasted Effort And Time. “Let me show you an Easy way to SYSTEMATICALLY drive MASSIVE traffic to your website.”

Hi, I’m Andy from LSIGraph.

I know how much of a nightmare it is to make a website work. You need to select the right keywords, use the right semantic & LSI keywords, write the content how Google likes it, and manage the gruesome site structures (this is not even an exhaustive list).

And the worst thing? You could have DONE ALL THESE but see zero upticks in your GA's traffic graph... that's just how bad this nightmare is.

To escape this hellish dream, you attended seminars and courses, read thousands of SEO articles, and imitated some of your top competitors, hoping to replicate some of their success.

And guess what, NONE OF THEM actually works, at least not the way you hope. At this point, this came to your mind... I’m such a failure!

If you happen to experience any of the above (I know you do), I know how desperate all these can be for you.

You know SEO is a long game, but you also damn well know if you don't get any results soon, you probably won't "live" long enough to even play the long game. Your competitors are sprinting past you, and your clients are chasing you to deliver them a fat graph just like below, a big fat graph that screams UNSTOPPABLE TRAFFIC!

“UNSTOPPABLE traffic!”

(This is how you want your GA looks like)

(Let me tell you how you can make this your reality.)

“LSIGraph has been helping marketers like you to create results above for MORE THAN 8 years!”

Before we continue, I do want to urge you to STOP reading if you think unstoppable traffic is IMPOSSIBLE. Because if you think so, the rest of the letter will not make any sense to you.

BUT, if you believe unstoppable traffic is not only possible, but also something that you can achieve, READ ON.

Still here? Great! Now let me address this one doubt I know you have in your mind right now: “Andy, why should I trust you?”

The truth is, you don't have to. Despite my decade-long experience as an SEOs, I do not claim to be a know-it-all, especially not in this ever-evolving industry. But here's what I have to offer; I may not know everything, but I have had the privilege to work with thousands of other marketers and business owners through LSIGraph in the past 8 years.

What I’m going to share next is not just my personal view, but a cumulation of insights, experiences, and systems used by THOUSANDS of SUCCESSFUL marketers and business owners. I’m going to share you how all these people have generated 5-figure, 6-figure, or even 7-figure traffic for their website.

So yes, you don’t have to trust me.

“You just have to trust the system created collaboratively by thousands of successful marketers.”
“You just have to trust the system the community has been optimizing and fine-tuning for the past 8 years.“

Sounds good enough?

Now join us and let’s dive into what exactly we are talking about here next.

“LSIGraph has been creating stellar results for our clients in the past 8 years.”

Now is your turn to claim your success!

The 3 Undisputed Cornerstones of SEO Success

“In short, don’t buy or sell links...” - Danny Sullivan, Google Search Division.
“The part that’s problematic is the links…” - John Mueller, Google Search Division.

If you’ve been in the SEO scene long enough, you probably know almost every other tactic or strategy used by SEOs has been refuted by Google.

Guest posting? Nope. Link-building? Unnatural.

But with all the statements thrown by Google, there are 3 areas that Google has NEVER EVER refuted.

  • The importance of understanding keyword search intent and using the right semantic & LSI keywords.
  • The importance of creating helpful & intent matching content.
  • The importance of mapping and building a contextually relevant topic silo.

“Google love them so much that they even filed these patent themselves!”

And the beauty of this? They fall precisely in line with our own discovery. After working with thousands of successful marketers and business owners, the same success pattern emerges again and again. It is always keywords, content, and silo.

To put this in numbers, websites that do better in these 3 areas perform on average 623% better than websites that do poorly in all 3 areas, and 517% better than websites that only cover 1 or 2 areas!

Right Keyword Intent + Optimized & Intent Matching Content + Contextually Relevant Content Silo = Unstoppable Traffic!

Let’s start with the “Right Keyword Intent”. Beyond the traditional search volume and keyword difficulty, the more important aspect here is the INTENT of the keyword. We need to first understand what someone is looking for when he types that keyword into Google. Or else, you will be susceptible to writing a piece of content that doesn’t answer the intent, risking the content into the eternal doom of Google Page 10.

Next, “Optimized & Intent Matching Content”. The keys here are “intent matching” and “SERP Benchmarking.” We need to optimize the content as per how search engines understand it (reverse engineering of search engines’ algorithms) and use the top 10 results as our benchmark for optimization. Usages of semantically related keywords and LSI keywords are crucial in this part. It will be nearly impossible to rank if both are not achieved.

Lastly, we want to map and build a “Contextually Relevant Content Silo”. It is great to be able to tackle the first 2 cornerstones above, but they are no longer enough in today’s SEO landscape. Having one piece of great content is good but pales compared to your competitors, who have 10 pieces of great interlinked content. The reason is simple.

If you are Google, which one would you rank?

A: one piece of a great article

B: one piece of great article contextually linked with 10 other similar articles.

I believe the answer is self-evident: B will rank much better as the whole domain is more authoritative as compared to A.

Simple they may look, but these THREE cornerstones are what we observed from all the 6-figure traffic websites that we’ve worked with.

Here's what happen if you miss even one of them!

You must be wondering…

“These sound like some elementary SEO knowledge, right?” Well, yes, but NO.

The thing with SEOs is that we all know the strategies, but 99% of us?

We hop around these strategies so frequently that we give up the instant things don't pan out the way we hoped.

I can't blame anyone here; it is damn tough to stick through most strategies. Most strategies are borderline convoluted and require hours of "spreadshitting" and data crunching.

Instead of spending hours upon hours working on a spreadsheet and trying different strats, what we need instead… or more precisely, what YOU need, is to work on ONE proven SEO strategy that is intuitive and natural.

To do that, you need a tool that tells you exactly how to select your keywords (opportunity score), which semantic keywords to use (LSI Keywords), why people are searching for the keyword (search intent), and how you can write your content to match it (content scoring & intent matching).

You need a tool that helps you plan your upcoming content silo (planner & organizer), so you build upon your success, content-by-content, layer-by-layer, and finally get yourself that unstoppable traffic.

You need a tool that scales with you from a new site to a 500 pages website. A tool that shows you exactly which keywords these 500 pages are targeting (planner & organizer), how they are interconnected, and what is their content scoring (planner & content scoring). Because, let’s face it, there’s no freaking way anyone from your team will remember any of these figures.

And all that you need and more?

“They are here in LSIGraph”

Conquer The 3 Cornerstones Of Traffic Success With LSIGraph

Effortlessly boost your workflow with LSIGraph Semantic Keyword Research, Content Writer and Planner. You will be surprised how easy it is to start ranking your content and drive unstoppable traffic to your website.

#1 Target the right keyword with LSIGraph Keyword Research Tool

Everyone knows keyword research is essential, but NOBODY REALLY knows how to choose the right keywords to drive massive value and traffic. You look at search volume and keyword difficulty, but do you know which keywords will give you the "Best Bang For Your Buck?" and which has the most valuable keyword intent?

Instantly Identify Your Low-hanging Fruits (Keywords) With Opportunity Score

Balancing between search volume and keyword difficulty is tough. You want the volume, but you don’t want the challenge. With Opportunity Score (OS), you can quickly identify which keywords will give you the best return with the least effort (ROI).

Reach The Right Target Audiences With The Right Keyword Intent

Understanding the intent behind each search query/keyword is crucial to connecting with your audiences. Learn if your keywords fall under informational, navigational, local, or transactional with our Keyword Intent Analysis and strategize your content effectively.

Spy & Outrank Top-ranking Pages With SERP Analyzer

"If you know the enemy, you need not fear the results of a hundred battles" - The Art of War. Get an in-depth view of your top competitors' content composition with SERP Analyzer. Unravel their content intent, word count, readability, keyword density, and other key SEO metrics to make accurate content decision.

See How Much Traffic Each Topic Can Bring With Topic Clustering

Say goodbye to the manual spreadsheet. LSIGraph Topic Clustering automatically groups similar keywords and shows you their aggregated SEO metrics. You can now always write for the topic group that can best maximize your traffic.

#2 Write optimized content with Content Writer

A well-written content may not necessarily mean it is well-optimized. You can write the most eloquent piece of content and still get stuck on page 10 of Google. You will need to write what Google wants to see (what your readers want to read), and here’s how LSIGraph helps you do just that.

Measure How SEO-ready Your Content Is With Content SEO Score

"You can't manage what you can't measure" is brutally valid for SEO writing; how do you tell if you've done an excellent job without a benchmark? With Content SEO Score, we benchmark your content with the top 10 results and tell you where you stand among the giants.

Remove Struggle From Your Optimization With Optimization Suggestions

We struggle when we have no idea what to be done to improve our content. Fret no more as LSIGraph Optimization Suggestion tells you precisely what needs to be optimized to play in the Top 10 league. Follow steps 1, 2, and 3, and you are good to go!

Fill In The Content Gap With Content Brief

Content Brief taps into the top-performing pages and shows you how they structure their content. Improvising upon their structure is a surefire way to cover key audience search intent. We even extract popular questions from these pages to help you rank on "People Also Ask!"

One Stone, Two Three Birds With Multiple Keyword Targeting

Three is better than one. Why settle for ranking for one keyword when you can rank for THREE? Multi-keyword Targeting allows you to optimize one piece of content for 3 contextually related keywords. All hail efficiency!

Create Content That Google Loves With Your List Of Contextual Terms

Uncover your list of contextual terms that build context for your content. Find your list of contextual keywords and start creating contextually sound content that would help Google to bring you the most relevant traffic.

Gauge The Number of Contextual Terms Needed To Write A Great Piece Of Content

Have the content writer tell you the exact number you should add to your content. No longer worry about overloading your content with an unnecessary number of keywords that can make your website unreadable.

Enhance Sentences With Relevant And Top-Ranking Examples With Sentence Suggestions In The Content Writer

Get top-sentence examples that are used by top-ranking competitors. LSIGraph analyzes millions of sentences to provide you with sentences that are the most relevant for your contextual term.

Discover Contextually Relevant Topics That Are Most Relevant To Your Target Audience With Content Writer

Have your contextual terms automatically sorted to their corresponding topics and uncover topics that are contextually related to your content, and easily identify contextual terms that would be perfect for each topic.

Formulate Your Content To Only Use The Most Relevant Competitors As A Benchmark With SERP Filter

Ensure that you are creating the best content for your target audience by filtering out irrelevant competitors that you aren’t interested in competing with within your content.

LSIGraph would provide you with recommendations and suggestions based only on relevant competitors that have been selected by you.

Have A Downloadable Comprehensive Guideline For All Your Content Writing Needs

Looking to outsource your content writing but wish to maintain a set standard? You can now download guidelines, suggestions, and your list of contextual terms in txt form for all your content writing needs.

#3 Contextually Interlink Your Content Silo With LSIGraph Planner

Not everyone will tell you this, but just having one STAND-OUT content is not enough for you to drive massive traffic. A strong contextually interlinked content silo is needed to woo Google into thinking you are the domain expert. Start planning and building your content silos with LSIGraph Planner.

Strategically Plan All The Target Keywords Of Your Content Silo With Planner.

Never again overlook any traffic opportunity as you plan your content silo. Easily access crucial keyword metrics like search volume and opportunity score as you strategize your content silo to maximize your reach.

Make Swift And Informed Interlinking Decisions With Planner.

Effectively plot the linking relationship of all your content with Planner. Say no more to rows and rows of spreadsheets collecting your content's interlinking direction. You can now one-glance at the link direction of all your key content and make a swift interlinking decision.

Easily Identify Weak Points In Your Content Silo With Planner

It is easy to overlook all the small leakages of your content silo when they exist in spreadsheet form. The Planner helps you overcome this by mapping your content silo in an intuitive and easy-to-view visual map. Finding areas for improvement is no longer an eye-soring process.

Deliberately Distribute Your Silo's Search Intent With Planner

A strong content silo covers a wide range of search intent to maximize its potential audience reach. Planner empowers you by mapping all your content's target intent and intent distribution. Visually identify which intent your silo is lacking and adapt accordingly.

Discover LSI Keywords For Your Topic & Niche

Keywords that work for others may not work as well for you. Discover LSI keywords that are just right for your topic & niche. Steer away from the competition with contextually unique content and create your own ranking success story.

Know Exactly Which LSI Keywords To Use

Learn the value of your LSI keywords with our proprietary formula, Latent Semantic Value (LSV)™. Simply pick the keywords with the best LSV. Use them in your content, anchored text, backlinks, and see your pages climb up the SERP. Voila!

Get A Glimpse Into Top Performing Content For Your Keywords

You may have picked your target keyword for the next content, but do you know the best way to write and rank for it? Discover top successful content with high ranking and engagement rate. Learn from the best and outrank them with the power of LSI keywords.

Do In-Depth Keyword & Topic Semantic Analysis

LSIGraph emulates how search engines understand your keyword & topic and shows you what they are looking for. Discover successful content with high engagement rate to further your content ideation and ranking potential.

Craft & Optimize Your Content With Content Writer

You’ve found your LSI keywords. What’s the next step? Draft your content using our robust Content Writer. You can optimize your content with Content Writer’s content analysis. Use data and suggestions from the editor to ensure your content is SEO-ready.

Perfectly Prime Your Content For Top 10 SERP Ranking

You will receive analysis on how well your content is optimized based on essential metrics like LSI usage, Semantic Density, and even Content Sentiment! That’s not all! Receive helpful guidance in the form of Top Performing Content, Popular Questions, and Frequently Linked. Thoroughly understand your topic and perfectly prime your content for that Top 10 ranking.

Perform Keyword Research for 100,000+ Locations

LSIGraph now lets you select from 45+ languages and over 100,000+ location worldwide, all for your local SEO wins! Search location matters because local searches are usually made by those ready to convert. That is why you need to find keywords that speaks the loudest in your local area. And LSIGraph got you covered!

Save Your Keyword Data Into Different Projects

Manage your newly-discovered LSI keyword data by adding them to various projects or creating a new project. You’ll never have to worry about misplacing your keyword data ever again.

Flawless Work Organization For Your SEO Clients

This is the perfect tool if you are serving multiple SEO clients. With the project management feature, you can also produce exclusive white label reports in mere seconds at your fingertips.

Get Your Bulk Keyword Data With A Click

Have a list of keywords you need to research, but don’t have the time? With LSIGraph’s Bulk Analysis feature, you can rapidly increase your work productivity by searching for multiple keywords and obtaining their data at once. Talk about saving time!

With All These Powerful Features Combined -
“NO ONE Can Stop You From Getting Unstoppable Traffic”

Let the numbers speak about LSIGraph

8 Years

Experience in the SEO industry


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Semantic keywords returned

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The COMPLETE Collection Of SEO Optimization Guides:

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The exact 32 checklists we use internally. Not doing #3, #7, #12 is how we usually fail a project!

#Bonus 2: 1 Hour Complete On-Page Optimization Guidebook

Which you can use to tackle optimization your website, including the top nine priorities we learned over the past 8 years running LSIGraph.com

#Bonus 3: Checklist: 32 Ways To Increase Traffic & Visitors

We will show you exactly how to get massive traffic just with LSIGraph’s LSI keywords, without spending money on paid ads.

#Bonus 4: Case Study: Best Strategy To Rank A Content

Presenting you a comprehensive data of our success stories, giving you a deeper insights into how you can rank your content effectively

#Bonus 5: Instant Sales Machine With Four Proven Methods

We will show how you can generate massive sales and revenue with your website with four tried-and-tested methods that bring the dollars in.

Our customer success stories

My monthly traffic jumped from 8,621 to 20,856 in a month. That’s more than 300% increase! - Veronica Davidson

"As a digital marketer for 5 years, I refused to make changes initially. I've always thought as long as I write consistently, I will eventually start ranking. But after following the system laid out by LSIGraph, only I realized how important it is to interlink my content contextually. My traffic literally 2X from 8,621 traffic per month to 20,856 in just one month. That's more than 200%!"

First time breaking my $10,000 ceiling on recurring revenue! - Natalie W.

“Previously, I invested a lot of money and time on courses and paid ads until I met LSIGraph. I just want to get my website to rank higher instead of ranking on page 5 or 6. The results have surprised me! I never expected that by just spending a little more effort to well-planned my target keywords, my website rankings go up and it brings me $10,000 sales in just a couple of months. It’s definitely worth it to get LSIGraph. You pay for minimal cost, but you get the maximum returns!”

I was very skeptical about the strategy. But I am now pleasantly surprised with the extra 15k traffic. - Manuel

"Let's put it this way, I refused to believe that driving traffic can be this simplistic. In just 3 steps, and you can 10x your traffic? That sounded naive, if not bullshit. But well, I guess I was too skeptical. After using LSIGraph, I started to rank for some of the more challenging keywords in my industry. One of them even brings me about 15k traffic every month!"

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Still not convinced?
How does LSIGraph work? What can I expect?
LSIGraph is designed to help you climb the search ranking and drive more traffic to your website. We do this by ensuring that you always pick the right or most profitable keywords, optimize your content per Google's preference, and ensure that your website is contextually interlinked.

With LSIGraph's guided framework, you will save more time and increase the accuracy of your work. Ultimately, LSIGraph streamlines your SEO workflow and helps you maximize your website's traffic potential.
If I subscribe today, do I lock down the discounts?
Yes. If you subscribe today, we will charge you at the discounted rate for future billings.
Which plan should I choose?
You can choose the plan based on your needs. If you have plenty of projects or websites, or simply want to maximize your investment, choosing a lifetime deal is probably the most economical choice in the long run.
Will I receive free updates to LSIGraph?
Yes! You will get all the future updates that come with your subscription plan for free. (Note: Some features are excluded from Basic Plan)
Are there any hidden fees or contract obligations?
There is no contract, and all plans can be cancelled or adjusted at any time.
Is there a money-back guarantee?
Yes, we have a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you aren’t happy in the first 30 days, just let us know, and we’ll give you back your money. We obviously don’t think it’ll come to that. But if you are even the slightest bit worried about this, you can put your mind at ease. You either get the results you want or get your money back. It’s as simple as that.
Stop wasting risking your valuable time, effort and money if you’re really serious about driving massive traffic!

Think about this for a minute...

How Would You Like To Paint Your Traffic Graph For The Next Few Months?

I believe this is how you visualize it - one big fat graph of unstoppable traffic! Cause what else?

Here’s WHERE you are:

  • You have a website that you want to grow.
  • You have been doing things your own way.
  • And it has been a while since you have last seen any meaningful uptick in your traffic.

Here’s WHERE you want to be:

  • You want to grow that website.
  • You want it to drive 5-figure, 6-figure traffic every month.
  • You want to finally start generating through those traffic.

But at this point, I also believe doubts are sprouting in your mind as we speak.

I don't think I can make it. It can probably work for others, but never me.
I'm not gonna waste another dime on another tool. All the ones that I've tried never brought me any results!

Sure, we all have doubts, that’s normal and what made us human. We think, we evaluate, before we make any decision. But let me make this simple for you.

Basically you have only TWO choices:

Do Nothing

Things stay the same. That big fat traffic graph never came.

Pick A plan

Stick with the strategy and you start to see your traffic GROW.

The first choice is easy. You do nothing, make no change, and spend no effort. But if you choose this, DON’T you ever dream of any improvement in your traffic or life. That's straight-out naive.

The second choice may sounds like a chore. But the moment you start using LSIGraph and our strategy, you WILL see improvement in your traffic. Heck, to make this easier for you. If your traffic doesn't grow, let me know, and I will give you your refund right away.

See, I don't believe things happen out of chance. If you stumbled upon this page out of billions of web pages, this means something.

Believe it or not, this might signal a change in your life, the change you’ve been asking for all the time.

If you are serious about ranking your website, you need a solution that gives you the MOST competitive edge at the LOWEST cost. You need LSIGraph. Why have doubts when you have the ONE SOLUTION you need right before you?

“The choice is yours.”

But if change is what you want, decide on the best deal, get that LIFETIME PLAN and start driving UNSTOPPABLE traffic to your website.

Take Advantage Of This ONE-TIME Investment
-- Starting Today!

You and I already know that if you’ve read this far, you want to improve your ranking and start driving unstoppable traffic to your website. All that’s left is to take action. If you’re really serious about maximizing your traffic, you need to take immediate action.

HURRY UP - LSIGraph’s limited-time deal ends in:


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One-Time Secure Payment Backed by Our 30 Day Risk Free Money Back Guarantee
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Flexible commitment. Ideal for those requiring long-form content on an as-needed basis.

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